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My name is Rita G. Patel. I am the Founder and Creative Director of Studio Rita Patel and work as a Fine Artist, Surface Pattern Designer, and Creativity-Wellness Coach. I am passionate about art, textiles, and aesthetics to provide an experience of beauty. Having a career in the wellness field, I am particularly focused on creating a positive environment by evoking feelings of wellbeing through my art.


Research shows that experiencing positive emotions improves our physical health, brightens our minds, and builds our resourcefulness in ways that help us become more resilient to adversity and effortlessly achieve what we once could only imagine. My style is generally abstract with an ethereal and sophisticated feel. I also create quirky illustrations intended to provide moments of joy.


My work is available at a range of price points as canvas, prints, and 3D mixed media. Additionally, I create custom large-scale work (installations and murals) that can be interactive. I have created this brochure especially for Interior Designers who share my wellness focus that spaces and places have the opportunity to enhance the quality of people’s lives. I invite you to view some of my work and learn about me and my background.


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