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In 2015, I was commissioned to do a large outdoor mural on a barn at a farm. I love to work big and I love to connect the dots. Of all the different ways and mediums I work in, painting comes most deeply from my soul. At the time, I had not really painted this way in over five years. When I got the call to see if I knew anyone who would be interested in the creating the mural, it felt like the most timely gift ever. I re-experienced myself in ways I had forgotten and in new ways by connecting to nature beings and pushing my fear of heights to a new edge. One of the best parts of the process was that since the mural art is outside it sparked everyone’s curiosity. For me, it is a great joy to paint and be able to invite people to experience themselves through my process and finished work. My hope is that through what I do someone else will be inspired to “paint their mural”. 

As the mural painting was coming to an end I decided to use it to rasie awareness...public art turns into art for a social cause (press):

We adore flowers for their beauty and ability to bring a smile and lightness to our hearts. And as I shared my mural art of flowers and hummingbird (our symbol for joy) I invited everyone to learn more about the people who bring us fresh cut flowers raising funds for those who work on flower farms to assist in the efforts to empower the workers, who are mostly women, whose hard labor allows us to enjoy cut flowers. The funds raised went to the Ethiopian Growers’Association Gender Division for the Gender & Health Project – “Empowering the Source”, a Floriculture Sustainability Initiative and BSR HER+Project

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