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I made these treasure chests as a way to reimagine how we store what is most precious to us and to stay connected to our true purpose and live in possibility. In 2013, "What is Your Treasure?" was launched as an ongoing long term conversation on beauty and personal genius and its importance to overall thriving. I am giving them to communities / locations that are considered ugly, are unknown or are undervalued to see what transpires. My theory is the stories collected will create a greater awareness of the positive social impact of beauty and individual artistry on both individuals and communities resulting in increased valuation and investment. Currently, a reviving community in Detroit (Brightmoor) has one treasure chest. The second treasure chest is located at the renovated Bell building in Detroit at Neighborhood Service Organization where individuals who were formally homeless have permanent housing. The final one is waiting for a home. The goal is for these conversations to occur not only within the community but also between communities highlighting our shared humanity.

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