deep into the fleeting” is at least 3 years in the making. I started with an exploration of materials, pattern and textures and added in my love of textiles. I always thought of each piece (12) as pages in a book but something was missing. It finally came together when I thought of writing a poem to go with the the visual art...An invitation to experience beauty that takes hold of the imagination. Created from a love of patterns and textures by seeing the relationship between supposed disparate pieces. A space for slow reading and close looking. The words and the images converse with each other and prompt you, the reader, to take part. Each time evoking something new⁠ about the art. About you. (Shop)

(full poem)⁠
deep into the fleeting... ⁠
beneath realism⁠
chaos, fireworks, fun⁠
speculation, relied upon…⁠
observations by eye⁠
reveal like a scalpel⁠
beyond dialogue⁠
lie visible⁠
claiming this most⁠
most powerfully⁠
the cosmos⁠
in song nourishing them⁠
company resounded⁠
circumstances replicated⁠
attention to this mystery⁠
the fleeting…⁠

©2020 Rita Patel

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