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beauty ~ imagination ~ close looking ~ community

In 2019, I was commissioned to do an outdoor mural at Hamsa Yoga in Lake Orion, MI (#hamsayogamural). We decided it was going to be a black and white (with some gold and glitter) drawing. I started with some black sharpies and a line to create a large surface pattern with hidden creatures (mostly birds) and plant life - an abstract can see the videos and images (more to come) of how it all turned out by "going with the flow". 

More than anything I love how by creating something beautiful connects people. By doing what I love, people connect with me, each other and also feel a little joy and beauty. In keeping with the "go with the flow" and community themes, I decided anyone can participate and make the mural their own by coloring and and adding their own patterns in free downloadable coloring pages. A contemplative self-care practice to awaken the imagination and settle into close looking. 

The final reveal was a community event contest to "Spot the Birds" hidden in the mural was at the end of October as a way to celebrate Diwali (evoking light out of darkness)..more stories about the process and that event to follow. In the meantime, you can follow along on Instagram or Facebook.


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