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(shop the collection) The circle series began as an impulse and debuting in the J'aipur Contemporary inaugural exhibition running January 4th, 2021 through March 31st, 2021. There was an attraction to the shape and how its curves were comforting and settling in a time of great change. I started these pieces with repurposed paint, paper, canvas and saree fabric all meant originally for another use. On a symbolic level while painting and assembling the media, each became a meditation on different and overlapping ideas represented by the circle. How we all live in bubbles of our own making and how they overlap and bump up against other bubbles. We are more connected than we realize. How time in our natural lives is cyclical and not a linear journey from point a to point b. Rhythms guide us and we live spherically, and I wonder is that why when there is no path we walk in a circle. How thinking of new economics the donut economy starts to make sense. Being inclusive and ecologically minded, can we all connect and flourish. When I ask can our experience of beauty change the world, in the case of this series can the visual experience here lead us to new ways of contemplated our world together.

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