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Cultivating Creative Capacity & Skills in Uncertain Times

If you are interested in:


  • how to be creative in changing times;

  • working with difficult states of mind: mental distress, grief, anxiety, anger;

  • how to thrive under these circumstances.


My dream is for every human being to embrace and express their innate creativity to live fully. As an artist, I consistently live in a world that does not yet exist and one that I cannot predict. Like many people, I have my own unique set of challenges that makes this difficult – for me, it is anxiety disorder. But what gives me an edge are the habits and tools that have expanded my creativity.


Both from research and personal experience, I know creativity is absolutely essential to our well-being and capacity to thrive in any given situation. Creativity is the strongest predictor of your health. It allows us to be agile and resilient. When we are participating in the making of our own life, it creates within us a comprehensive state of health. Creativity is an especially vital skill that enables us to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, and empowers us to act with confidence. (Background)


In addition to my normal ten coaching sessions, I am offering one, three and five session options to best give you what you need right now.  How it works:


  • After you register for the one, three or five sessions, I will send you a questionnaire, so I can best prepare to use our time well.

  • The questionnaire will guide you through defining what you want to focus on or cultivate that can be captured in key words or phrases. They will serve as anchors for developing the tailored program for you. Language is key because that is how we both make sense of and create the world.

  • Each scheduled session will be over Zoom call. (I will send instructions)


I would be thrilled to work with you! Please contact me to schedule.


**A portion of the proceeds from your session will go to Feeding America because we all need to be nourished to thrive. One of my earlier projects was helping those in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) and/or with mental health conditions expand their agency and confidence through helping them build their creative capacity. That experience taught me we are the same in many ways and we can all learn from each other’s creativity.​




“Rita places much thought and care into her preparations and presents in a way that allowed me to discover ways I can be creative.  I’ve explored my own ways of presenting and leading in a professional capacity.  Personally, I have stepped out and submitted my first poetry entry and have done some drawings of my own.  I believe the biggest impact is how I have become more comfortable and confident in myself.” Renee, Soenen, Systems Continuous Improvement Manager for an automotive fastening company


“Rita was instrumental in helping me shift career paths.  Her creativity offered a different lens to view my situation.  She brought fresh questions and possibilities, instilling excitement for my future.  She was always encouraging of my steps toward change.  Working with Rita was a joyful experience. In gratitude!” Stacey Cronin, Retired Educator, Yoga Therapist


“I have had the pleasure of participating in multiple of Rita’s workshops. Rita structures dynamic experiences that encourage deeper connection to self and creative expansion. Rita’s use of her own creative process and story anchors the sessions in vulnerability and compassion. I find myself regularly revisiting “aha” moments I have experienced in Rita’s workshops.” Taylor Beardsall, Art Therapist, Solstice Healing Arts Collective



"After working with Rita Patel in small and large group settings I have discovered that a creative and artistic person was waiting quietly to slowly start to emerge.

Growing up as a left-handed child I was frequently told my letters slanted the wrong way when I wrote and that my drawings weren't particularly unique. I quickly started to believe that I was not artistic so I finished up any creative assignment as fast as I could. I would read volumes of books, practice dance and piano for years but ignore anything that required me to put color or paint on paper.

Through various seminars with Rita I have found that being creative requires practice, patience and the letting go of any stories I've been told that I'm not artistic. Although her personal artwork is inspiring, impressive and often bold, Rita's manner is one of a modest, quiet expression of beauty.


 I've learned that while spending time being creative helps me be more creative, it's only when I set no expectations for what I'm creating that I often find  joy.


In different ways she models never comparing yourself to others and that it's perfectly fine to not always know where your art and creativity is taking you.” Daria Mertz, RN, St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital

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