Can we ever see all perspectives?

Perhaps not, but it is a wondrous endeavor. One that takes time, space and capacity for relationship. All my work is at its core is about what happens in that in between space and explores ways to see. Relationships take time. And that is the beauty - discovering the ever-changing and new in what appears to be still. Spending time to see is an experiment in beautiful thinking...what if we could transform the world by experiencing this beauty? (more)

Coloring Pages
Coloring in Feelings
2019: Beauty, imagination and mindfulness
Graphic Illustration - Comic
Yoga of Play
Adults only workshop October 1st or November 5th
You Matter
Video "You Matter: a letter to you from your future self"....wonderfully inspiring meditation to imagine and be reminded of your significance and why you and what you have to give matters to the rest of us.
Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ Online Workshop October 11 to November 15
Surface Pattern / Textile Design
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Beauty Matters
Join the collective conversation
Creative Change Coach / Facilitator
Learn how we can work together: Workshops | Coaching | Consulting
What is Your Treasure?
An ongoing community conversation on beauty and personal genius
Drawing Ideas / Visual Explanations
Sketchbook: Illustration via handlettering, illustrated words and ideas, mini charts, storyboards, infographics and drawings
2015: Public art for a cause
Residency: 365 Days of Print
January 2011: Re-imagining the news through the lens of beauty
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Selected Art 2010 - present
Current Explorations: techniques for upcoming art installation & pattern designs
Paintings 1999 - 2009
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