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Play: Creativity, Storytelling, Joy
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Living playfully is not about you it turns out. It's about everything else and what you manage to do with it. - Ian Bogost

We can't do the serious business of our lives without engaging in play.

Yoga is about creating balance and harmony in ourselves so we can do what we are here to do. We are designed to be in relationships, learn, grow and understand the world through storytelling. This is so true that we make up stories to diminish any gaps of the unknown and mystery - we just have to know. We are also built to approach life with joy and in play. This way easily places you in the present, in your body, and allows for your creativity to flow.


Yoga of Play is a joy-filled series of "asanas" that evoke play through story shaping and creative expression (asana is a seat where a series of ‘seats’ can shift one’s perspective). In play -Yoga of Play- the experiences of fun, non-sense, and unknown will create opportunities for discoveries big and small. We will exercise the muscles of care and attention while playing so we can apply it to the things that matter to us…


No experience required. Come curious.