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"Beauty is the transformation of the world into pattern...pattern and beauty are identical. To make something beautiful and to create a pattern are not two different things" - Sōestsu Yanagi, The Unknown Craftsman

For as long as I can remember I have been attracted to patterns. For me they are more than flat surface images. I see patterns as symbolic stories and as maps - viewpoints - into different worlds. They are everywhere – both visible and invisible forming the foundation of all things. When I look, I see the patterns of the things, behaviors, sounds and thoughts. What I see is the beauty – the depth, richness and possibility – in these patterns. When I create patterns, I imagine them as entry points – open doorways that are beautiful and invite the viewer into one’s own self. We resonate with only that which is already part of us. The mystery is in the familiar, but perhaps unknown, and is what entices us and what we are universally designed to explore. Our deep yearning to know and be known drives us to enter and discover the particular orientations that allow us to flourish. That, for me is the power of patterns and my inspiration and wish for those of you who resonate with my work.


As a multimedia artist, I experiment with many different mediums in traditional and unexpected ways to create the source images for the final patterns. Some of which can be seen in links here and here.


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