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​"What if you could change the world by experiencing beauty?"

June 2, 2017


Last year, I presented my Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ process at the Women's Leadership Conference WIN Global Conference in Rome, Italy. I do not think it occurs readily that beauty can be a leadership strategy. My conversations with women there led to writing writing an article for the Professional Women's Association of Rome publication The People We Are, November 2016 issue. It is about how our experience of beauty leads to our rich creativity....and the how vital and essential it is to bring it to the forefront of our lives. #occupybeauty


What will you create?

Imagine that you have in your sight a vista such as a sunset that you find beautiful. You pause and take it in – even savor – the colors and their changing hues. As time passes the deepening in the color seems to draw you in further and you feel yourself unfurling...


To be touched by beauty can awaken and lighten your heart and soul and bring you back to yourself. Beauty begets beauty. It can beckon you to bring something of beauty into the world. The power of beauty is that when you perceive it, you become enlivened and welcome it into your realm. It is the force that ignites your creativity. A life force. What you create - and you create daily, in every moment – is what shapes your world and of those connected to you and beyond if you can imagine. If each of us realize that we live in the created world that is in part of our own doing, would we participate - imagine and make visible - one that was inspired by the beautiful? Would that change our experience of ourselves, our situations, our environment...the choices we make, the conversations we have, the things we build, and the people we welcome?


I fear that we have relegated beauty as being trifling and superficial rather than being the core essence of who we are and can be. By acknowledging beauty's significance, we have the power to transform our world by changing the way we see and create it. The more you honor beauty – recognize its abundant presence - the more you honor yourself. This reverence inspires the desire for more beauty and you have your unique creative articulation that can bring it into being in a way only you can. And why is this important? Does it matter? Without question, yes! The rest of us do not have your constellation of abilities and need you. What you create in our world matters to all of us.


I hear many people say that they are not creative and maybe you are one of them. The truth is each of us is creative (since even every thought you have is created by you). The idea of being creative is a matter of reframing it in our minds and practicing. Where to start? Begin by experiencing beauty. Allow your mind, spirit, and body to awaken and kindle your imagination. Let it speak to you and inspire you to bring forth the beautiful. It can be as simple but profound as creating a mood of kindness. Imagine what that impact that can have. The more you act from this place, you will find you are coming from a place of greater confidence. It becomes an endless resource of power that replenishes itself as you open your heart more and more. This is courage, leading from the heart and in turn leading you into wholeness with yourself, other beings, and the world. A solid ground to lead from no matter how uncomfortable or unknowable the situation.


So, what will you create? Take this question as a wonderful prompt to approach the world. You are your best asset for contributing to the world. Deep down, we are all excited to experience the possibility that lies in you as you walk with beauty. 

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