Want to color on walls?

When I was a toddler I drew all over the length of our wall in our railroad apartment. I recall I was illustrating some sort of story to my younger sister. It is a vivid memory, and one brings me great joy - especially knowing I felt so free in that large canvas.

I still dream about drawing and painting on walls and it is why I do murals and... now wallpaper. And you can join me in coloring on the walls – in a nondestructive way. Since off label use is my middle name, I am using my swatch here as a temporary cover to color on my drafting table. As a way to celebrate #Diwali this year (November 14th) and find some peace through coloring (what’s Diwali without color?), I have drawn this pattern for you to fill in (I found ball point pen, colored pencils worked best with some light watercolor and acrylic paint). Think of it as a modern day #rangoli design your own home decor #coloringindiwali.

The images above show a 2' x 1' **prepasted smooth removable wallpaper swatch** that I designed that you can get from my Spoonflower shop.

>>>Share what you create #coloringindiwali<<<

OR if coloring is not your thing but you love the print - you can add some beauty to your home with my latest design as fabric, throw blanket, face mask, bedding, curtain, tablecloth, napkins, tea towel, placemats, and more in my Spoonflower shop.


Diwali is celebrated by over a billion people. The specifics vary and are distinctive, but all the models embody liberation, justice and the triumph of light over darkness.


about the motifs used:

flowers = beauty

diya (lighted lamp) = keeps darkness at bay and lights the way

paisley = life and eternity

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