In Flight for the Good Fight

When I think of the words gorgeous and mesmerizing, I think of birds. Specifically, the flight of birds. Everything from their shape to their songs, colors, and the intricacy of their feathers appeals to me. If I were granted a superpower, it would be to fly. What would it feel like to take flight and what would I do once I was soaring in the air? I am confident it would be nothing short of magnificent. Perhaps I will know someday. For now, I will continue dreaming of that day and doing other things to evoke my passions for these creatures, large and small and make me feel a bit little closer to them.

Recently, I participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count. This amazing citizen science project brought me two unexpected gifts to cherish. First, I was taking actions to help monitor and protect the health of the world’s 10,000 bird species simply by enjoying bird watching. Second, I was able to put to good use the binoculars I had received from my husband to witness birds being one with their environment. I could not believe my enhanced eyes – the multitude of colors, details, and movements I could now see.

All these activities have helped me in my artwork, as well. I can more deeply express my experiences of the lyrical movements I see and feel through my paintings - especially my new abstract painting series of contemporary art called In Flight. The process is as much a part of my soul, allowing me to make my artwork stronger and more connected to my inspiration. It’s become my link into a form of activism. Wouldn’t the world be less beautiful without birds? It sure would be! Bringing awareness to birds and their vital importance in our world is something I wish to do through my artwork.

This is my small but hopefully impactful part. I hope you find the same connection to birds through my artwork, for they are fascinating. If interested, you can also visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society to learn more about how you can help our feathered friends. There are so many simple ways to make a big difference like bird photography and creating a bird-friendly garden! I have been using the eBirds app for tracking birds and it is fun. Let me know what you love about birds in the comments section.

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