Art That Helps Calm Your Space

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today I would like to share with you a peek into my process and how what I find calming translates to art that is soothing of my mixed media art Circle Series. Created during the COVID-19 pandemic and a time of strict lockdown restrictions, my intention for this series was to create art that helps calm your space.

There was an attraction to the circle shape and how its curves were comforting and settling, as well as the circle symbol. I started each painting with repurposed paint, paper, canvas and saree fabric all meant originally for another use. Each piece became a meditation on different and overlapping ideas represented by the circle. How we all live in bubbles of our own making and how they overlap and bump up against other bubbles. We are more connected than we realize.

Another aspect of the symbolism of circles is the cyclical nature of time - where there is no beginning, middle or end but rather it is continuous. When I completed this series, it was the beginning of Navratri, an annual 9-day celebration of the Divine Feminine. I look forward to this time of year because we celebrate it through dance. And I looooove to dance - the garba dance particularly. Garba is danced in concentric circles as a community. The circles symbolize the cyclical nature of time.

Creating and appreciating abstract art has a multitude of benefits. As the creator, I find this expression to be a joyful celebration of being alive. When I view the final work, I feel it calming the mind and soothing the eyes. It’s no surprise that calming paintings are a top trend in modern art decor. Now more than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries. I envision this series of calming wall art as living room paintings and as circle art for bedroom decor, but of course, art curation for the home is highly personal. You may find that you need a serene painting in your dining room or office. There’s really no wrong place to hang art, only that it makes your heart sing!

My Circle Series is represented by J’aipur Contemporary and you can view my original art for sale here. (contact me directly to purchase)

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