Partners 4 Health (P4H) is based on model of cooperative care that identifies high-risk patients, earns their trust, visits them in their homes, heads off medical complications before they occur, offers access to clinical services, and addresses social needs before they become medical problems. The model was pioneered by Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, founder of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and MacArthur Fellow. The P4H model recognizes social determinants of health, such as housing, access to food, access to transportation, family or other support groups all have a significant effect on the success of the medical treatments that members of our communities receive. Three comics depicting different levels of severity and circumstances were created to communicate the value and impact to potential investors and customers to gain buy-in of this new business (P4H). The narratives tell how the approach would transform care, access, health care utilization and cost, and overall health outcomes.

I was the subject matter expert (SME) at Mission Throttle that worked in collaboration with four CEOs, (“the Founding Members”) of Common Ground, Neighborhood Service Organization, Oakland Family Services, and Southwest Solutions to create the delivery model, operational and financial framework for a sustainable social enterprise. Involved in that process included development of key communication pieces (like below) to communicate the value to key stakeholders (investors and customers).



P4H Care

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