​©2019 by Rita G. Patel

What if we could see in more than one way?

Imagine if beauty was at the forefront of our lives. How would our relationships, our conversations and our choices be different? Studio Rita Patel believes that navigating our world in beauty leads to a just, wonder-filled and joyful world. One that we want to live for. One that is truly abundant and prosperous. One that is brimming with hope.

Mission: Each work is an invitation to encounter yourself and the world in wonder, joy and possibility with play and discovery transforming how we see ourselves, our situations and our environments.

Model: Designing bespoke experiences to shift narratives, foster comfort in the uncomfortable, and build creative power.

Call to Action: #occupybeauty - Claim your experiences of beauty by moving from appreciation to participation.

We can change the world by experiencing beauty