Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ 
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"We Live in wordsheds" - Ned Crosby

Let's play at the edges of our sheds and expand into beauty...

me in my word shed

How can our experience of beauty transform the way we see ourselves, our situations and our environments?

The Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™ Workshop (presentation on workshop) is a playful and curious exploration of seeing and meaning-making. We will go beyond the appreciation of beauty and build dimensionality through practices of experiencing beauty in our daily lives. We will share our process in an online forum and will have weekly live 'chats' online to discuss and learn from each other. As our goal is to make the invisible visible on this journey, it will be important to record your work in a journal. Your work in this time will leave you with something substantive to reflect on, add to and build on over time. Since, the process is not linear, you may want to spend more time in one area than another and even go back to previous exercises. The workshop will run for 5 weeks and will set the foundation for a lifelong practice.


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Week 1: Expand our lexicon of beauty

Immerse yourself in words that carry the meaning of beauty for you and begin to make patterns with words that represent beautiful things, experiences and emotions.

Week 2: Building Relationships

Begin to look at your chosen words as symbols by deepening your relationship with them. You will explore the actual shape and feel of each symbol and create new relationships through metaphors.

Week 3: Image Making

Now, you begin to use your hands more - adding images to your word symbols using collage, color and shapes.

Week 4: Becoming alive in beauty

You will choose an activity that you engage in a regular basis (ideally something you consider mundane) and approach it as an experience of beauty. We will work together with methods and practices to deepen your process for experiencing beauty. 

Week 5: Transforming our map

We will expand on Week 4 and build a "map" of to look at your consistent daily activities as anchors. Your map will show you the shape of your days and how certain anchors can be spaces and places to experience beauty. 

Week 6: Journey with your question

See what questions that seem most relevant to you now. By imagining with beauty, even constraints themselves transform...and the world around you transforms. Our storybooks begin to include all parts  - even the strange, uncomfortable and foreign. 

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Weekly Live Discussions: dates and times will be determined with registrants. For those who cannot make it the discussions will be recorded.

Responses in Online Forum will be within 24 hours


Notebook, glue, writing implements (i.e. pencils, pens, markers, crayons), magazines, newspapers, scissors, internet connection.

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