​©2019 by Rita G. Patel

How can we take the common and mundane as an entry point into our boundless imagination?

The Expanding Your Creativity Workshop is a playful and unexpected approach to increasing your range and depth of creative expression. We will start with something ordinary - a dictionary - and quickly transform it into your personal source - a deep well - of imaginative inspiration. Each of us will stretch our creative boundaries by exploring and combining different methods and mediums each week (i.e. poetry, collage, paint, photography, drawing, etc. ) to create stories. Our goal is to discover the expansiveness of what is possible in modes of expression and see how we can apply it to our whole lives. As humans, we are born as storytellers and so it is a natural way to developing our capacity for creative expression. This workshop is for those who identify as makers, artists and designers as well as those who would like to experience their own creativity. It will run for 5 weeks and set a foundation for continued growth.