Drawing Ideas / Visual Explanations

Here you'll get a chance to peek into my sketchbook images of experiments from different parts of my process - most are straight from my original sketches and are works in development plus a few images in the final stage. The selection of works are in four catagories (Card Designs, Illustrations on Listening, Illustrated Handlettering and Characters). Contact me regarding any final works (or visit my shops) and to view my business client portfolio. 


Process: I graphically illustrate as a way of making sense and to communicate in a layered visual way. It is what comes naturally to me and I find people connect to the information in different ways in this format. For me, it is all about creating a visual that carries the life of the idea. My illustrations take many forms from hand lettering words, illustrated words and ideas, mini charts, storyboards, infographics and drawings. My projects range from the artistic musings to business communications in editorial style of organizational visions, concepts, strategies and stories as instruments for cohesiveness and buy-in.

Card Designs
Illustrations on Listening
Illustrated Handlettering

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