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Creative Excursions with Rita

"I do not know much about specific artists, artworks or art history, but even still I find that gazing upon a piece that attracts me leads me into a rich experience about myself...and sometimes helps me work through what's on my mind."


Image of Orange, Brown, 1963 by Mark Rothko

oil on canvas

Imagine spending time with visual art in a way that is creative and healing for you...

Looking for a mini-treat

…a retreat from stress and anxiety?

How about setting a foundation for yourself...

If so, let’s go on a creative excursion together…

What is it?

Guided Creative play + Mindful "unplugging": Creative Excursions with Rita is a guided four-part experience where the visual art is not just an object you are looking at but something alive that partners with you. The February 24th Creative Excursion with Rita will be focused on setting the tone for 2019. (No preparation or art experience required).

  1. PART 1: You will select a word that has some meaning for you

  2. PART 2: You will choose an artwork as a "conversation partner"

  3. PART 3: You will record your experience and what's next in a creative expression activity

  4. PART 4: We will debrief and share our experiences with each other.


Why do this? 

  • Focus on your wellbeing

  • Have a peaceful, healing and fun break from stress

  • Enjoy a unique experience that is tailored to you and focused on what is most important to you right now

  • Cultivate a different type of connection with visual art 

  • Explore your creative expression

Who is it for? 

Anyone who is curious and wants to explore a short, simple and impactful way of interacting with visual art and their own creativity. 

When can I do this?

Contact for details or to schedule

How much?

$55 per person

Limited to 5 people

Register here - after registration, you will be sent details.


If you cannot sign up now but are interested in future Creative Excursions – email me here.