Coloring in Feelings

We cannot erase the feelings we do not like but we can feel more of what we crave. After all, emotions make us human.


I have created coloring pages you can download for free in hopes to give space and place for creativity, reflection and mindfulness for our feelings. Enjoy and share your creations and experiences #coloringinfeelings


A practice you can do while or after coloring in each one: As you color in and reflect about the idea of the feeling, imagine...

  • what it means to you

  • what other feelings does it evoke

  • what you value and appreciate about it especially in your life and the context of our current world

  • how it would express itself on your face; let it happen

  • a specific time you felt this feeling

  • yourself in circumstances common in your daily life when you can carry this feeling in you


Research shows that experiencing positive emotions brightens our minds and builds our resourcefulness in ways that help us become more resilient to adversity and effortlessly achieve what we once could only imagine. (Positivity Ratio Barbara Fredrickson)

​©2020 by Rita G. Patel