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You Matter

a letter to you from your future self

You Matter: A letter to you from your future self is an audio ebook with images by Rita Patel and inspirational words by Barbra White that illustrates in image and word your special significance. It is a letter to you from your future self guiding you to see how you matter. Each page is inspirational meditation that you can go back to over and over again. It is a wonderfully inspiring medicine as Barbra White says in the book - where you can focus on a page at a time or listen / read daily as a way to imagine and be reminded of your significance and why you and what you have to give matters to the rest of us. Watch the Trailer | Download here

Do You See the Rabbit?

Do You See the Rabbit? is a book with collage images, drawing and poetry that I created in 2013 when I felt my life was a bit too busy. This book is about time and our relationship to it. It is meant for individuals or groups to experience as a way of being more in the moment. That year, I found making collages opened up how much time I thought had — or at least my approach to how I moved through my days. I also started to see my art making in a different light, which was essential to balance out my days and as unrelated as it seemed it helped me be better at my other work. Available as Book or E-book.

Do You See What I See?

Do You See What I See? illustrates in a colorful and artistic way the concept of 'framing': how we frame an idea colors what we see and experience…and how the words, thoughts, ideas and feelings of other people add additional layers of influence on that framing. The interaction of all these contexts influence our constructs and become a lively conversation in the depths of our mind that eventually form the subtext of our beliefs and worldview. We do not always know what we do not know and recognizing that, I believe, is stepping into awareness of self, of others, and of the world we inhabit together. The book is meant for use by individuals or groups to come to common ground, for harmonious interaction and as a touchstone while working through difficult conversations. Available as Book or E-book. Watch a presentation describing the book and idea.