Beauty Matters

Imagine if we brought beauty to the forefront of all our interactions and went beyond appreciating beauty to experiencing it regularly...that shift would dramatically alter our lives.


An important part of developing beauty practices is to explore beauty's role and how we orient ourselves to it. I have begun collecting information on how people like you understand the idea of beauty and its relevance on your well-being and overall flourishing. I am looking to understand what is considered beautiful for each of us and how it matters to us as unique individuals. As I continue to collect this information, I am developing an "art installation" to share the compiled story of the responses to the question "What is beautiful to you?". The installation is being designed to be fun as well as a way we can enter beautiful living in a deeper and thoughtful way. Stay tuned...please click the button "What is beautiful to you?" to share your responses to be included in the collective Beauty Matters Art Installation. (all information will be kept anonymous)

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