Paintings 1999 - 2009

Included here are paintings on canvas and plexiglas that I began creating in 1999 at The Arts Students League in NYC. I love working many different media but there is something that cannot replace the feeling I have holding my favorite Isabey brush and experiencing the vividness of the strokes. All my work is about constant change and seeing different views from different perspectives. The style cannot be captured via photograph so for some works there are mulitple images to show the variation. Those available for purchase are noted as such. Exhibitions List


I have been experimenting with printmaking without a press as another avenue to create images with subtle layers of depth. My favorite is working with inks on rice paper. Many of these are source documents for my surface pattern / textile designs. I have selected some that have interest for me to build upon.

Mixed Media

More recently, I am exploring working more with mixed media techniques and using materials I have not used before or in different ways. As with the printmaking above, I am sharing more of the 'in between' works that lead to the final ones as part of my process...These images here are a window into my "sketchbook" studies of works that are building towards distinct themed art installations.


I experiment with how the camera can be a tool for me not capture what my eye sees but to create an image. The results make me wonder what may hidden from my way of seeing but right in front of me. Is there another world? So the camera as a porthole into another realm keeps me aware there is more than meets the eye.

​©2020 by Rita G. Patel

Untitled 12

Acrylic on canvas