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Rita Patel

Hello. My name is Rita Patel. I am the founder and creative director of Studio Rita Patel.

PHILOSOPHY: I believe our experience of beauty can change our world by changing the way we see ourselves, our situations and our environments. As an artist, coach and consultant, I work with individuals, communities and organizations through various media - including people - by creating art and designing the conditions for the invisible to become visible to inspire transformation personally and in the workplace and public communities. My underlying premise is that our encounters of beauty will open news ways of seeing by drawing people out of “reality” and into the real and sublime, back to themselves. In this way, they can orient themselves to harness their unique artistry and genius towards building greater confidence and courage. 


Why is this important? I know firsthand the pain from the life draining experience of not being in expression of one’s gift. As a result, I have revolved my life around creating the circumstances that can either remove obstacles or generate the possibility for people to experience their own genius and artistry - to be enlivened. I believe we are of each other and for each other and being in relation with all beings is essential for our collective harmony and thriving. In our relationships we construct our stories contributing to collective narration. When we consciously practice in our own creation we can be comfortable in the uncomfortable and confident in navigating the unknown while approaching it with a sense of play. We co-create this pattern of our collective symmetry as we are in this continuous generative cycle together.


As beauty is the foundation of my work, I am in the journey of developing a lexicon on how we understand and experience beauty as well as practices to build our capacity for it as a way towards freedom, possibility and harmony in ourselves and with each other. For me, being engaged in my own generative process is how I live an artful life – a way that I want others to experience to live out their purpose wholly with great joy, abundance and hope.

APPROACH: Rita Patel facilitates creative change through structured experiences. The purpose is to collectively build common ground in systematic processes for a sound foundation to work and evolve together. Her work transforms culture and builds intersubjectivity for better relationships. The practices are designed to evoke exploration and discovery in a playful manner. Rita’s approach is conversational and starts with bringing to the forefront an understanding what we all mean when we say the same words. We live in wordsheds and language is how we create the world. Stories are the vehicles for sharing our world and the language of relationships. By starting with specific words, people in organizations get at the core of their values and beliefs and can build cohesion and true community that sets the stage for co-creating a larger narrative as well as doing the daily work. Co-creating is only possible when we can meet each other with comfort in situations of uncertainty and unknown. This is achieved in deepening trust and psychological safety that unfolds by participating in the reflective processes.


BACKGROUND: Rita Patel, CPA, MPH, CWWPM is an artist, founder of Experiments in Beautiful Thinking™. As an international speaker, coach and generative consultant, Rita works as a creative change ally for individuals, communities and organizations by designing bespoke projects to shift perspectives, transcend boundaries and reimagine new narratives. Rita’s projects are both corporate and community based inviting people to explore and discover their creative genius for vitality and collective social thriving through new ways of storytelling. Rita’s MPH from Columbia University (Effectiveness and Outcomes Research) focused on quality of life. During her time at Columbia, she studied post-apartheid health care transition in South Africa. Rita’s past experience includes the roles of Executive Director of Michigan Wellness Council, SME at Mission Throttle and time Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Hospital for Special Surgery. She is trained in Conversational Leadership by poet David Whyte, studied Narrative Medicine approach, and is certified in Enchantivism and the Creative Problem Solving method. She lives in Michigan with her husband Alan Haras with whom she frequently collaborates. (see resume)